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We use data to unlock your factory's true capability

We at Bayes Dynamics offer you a machine monitoring system that allows you to improve your productivity and your OEE.

We monitor strategic parameters in order to infer data points that will enable you to predict and plan maintenance, as well as production data. This will help your line run more efficiently by providing you with live data and Telegram notifications. You will be able to view your data in real time and see exactly what is happening with your machine/factory at any given point in time.

We attach a monitoring device to your machine which would be customised to suit the layout of the machine. At Bayes Dynamics, we are able to connect our device directly to the PLC (Programmable logic controller) if the PLC permits us. We are able to look directly at the parameters which have been programmed into the PLC. If the PLC does not permit us to access its parameters then, we will need to connect it to the sensors of the machine. Thus, we can extract the parameters directly from the sensors.

Making your factory more efficient

We give your operator the tools to increase productivity and OEE.

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How our system works?

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