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How can Bayes Dynamics Monitoring system improve your packaging process?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Bayes Dynamics’ aim is to bridge any gaps in the manufacturing process. This ensures there is no lack of production visibility and communication between the employees who operate the machines and management. We seek to accomplish complete transparency and ensure there is a connection between the people using the equipment and processes when packaging.

Our Company has made it easy for your factory to be empowered so that you can pave the way towards manufacturing excellence. Our system allows your employees to make more informed decisions based on the real-time data that is available to them. We can retrieve information from your machine: production data, downtime reason codes, OEE, and any other data that you may want to collect from your machine. Our software is simple to incorporate into your factory floor and will ensure manufacturing efficiency.

The fundamentals of our system are ensuring that it is simple when installing and when our clients are using them. We monitor strategic factors to provide data points that will help you forecast and plan maintenance, as well as production statistics. This will improve the efficiency of your line by giving you real-time statistics and Telegram notifications. You will be able to examine your data in real-time and observe precisely what's going on with your machine/factory at any given time.

We will install a monitoring device on your machine that will be customised to fit the configuration of the unit. If the PLC (Programmable logic controller) allows it, Bayes Dynamics can link our device straight to it. We have immediate access to the parameters that have been programmed into the PLC. If the PLC does not allow us to access its settings, we will need to link it to the machine's sensors. As a result, we may immediately extract the parameters from the sensors.

Bayes Dynamics is a cloud-based system that has real-time dashboards installed in your factory which ensures there is no communication gap between the machine operators and management. The screens that are installed allow the operators to meet their goals and ensure that their machines are running at optimal condition. Get your factory data at your fingertips today!

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