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Downtime reason codes and why is it important?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Inefficiency is caused by machine downtime. In order for management to have control of this problem, factories need to add downtime reason codes to their machine monitoring system. Thus helping them to develop strategies to minimize frequently occurring downtime. Manufacturers need every edge they can get to maintain market share in today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive industry. Downtime reason codes are essential in strategy implementation.

What are downtime reason codes?

Those that are tasked with operating machinery are often asked to record the downtime and the reasons for it. There are various reasons as to why downtime could occur. These shortfalls can be broken down into categories that are industry-specific.

Downtime data can be basic information such as start, stop duration, and the reason as to why the machine has stopped working. It can also be as detailed as you may require, as illustrated above.

Why is downtime important?

You need to understand the status of the machine or its subcomponents that may help managers make decisions to enhance efficiency, therefore tracking downtime is critical. Once you understand the data, you can now improve your Standard Operating Procedures. By ensuring your SOP is improving continuously you can now optimise your equipment operation.

When you invest in good machines, it can take a large share of the capital that you have available. Machine monitoring with downtime reason codes can reduce unplanned costs. This can ensure that you are fully prepared for any halts or delays before they actually occur.

In the OEE calculations, downtime is taken in account in the availability rate of the machine, these are the most common occurrence which leads to lower efficiency.

Real-time dashboards reveal downtime in real-time

Dashboard screens are placed on the factory floor, so both operators and managers can easily view the performance of the machine. By analysing a real-time dashboard management can inform their team of production fallbacks or if a machine is not running so that there can be immediate action taken.

Further to this, the visual management system allows for accountability among the operators, as well as other key employees that may be involved in production.

Are you ready to begin?

Downtime may be digested in easy-to-read, relevant reports and graphs using Bayes Dynamics. Both operators and management can observe in real-time which problem is generating the most downtime and act swiftly to get equipment back up and running.

Downtime reason codes that are automated are a crucial component of industrial success. With its plug-and-play simplicity, Bayes Dynamics is designed not just to deliver value fast, but also to be utilised as a platform for continual value generation. Contact us now to learn more about how Bayes Dynamics helps improve visibility and control on your manufacturing floor.

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